Agricon Group Iftar 2017


Rise and Stepped Up In The Month Full of Blessings

The committee of the iftar event poses cheerfully

On Friday, June 16th 2017, AGRICON held a group Iftar as the final event from a series of Ramadhan activities which was started with competition for employees’ and their kids and giving donations to orphans and the needy.

With the theme “Rise and Step Up In The Month of Blessings” was attended by all employees within the group: Agricon Indonesia, Agricon Putra Citra Optima, Asia Gala Kimia, Agricon Sentra Agribisnis Indonesia, Asia Gala Agri, Panca Agro Niaga Lestari and Agri Lestari Nusantara. Began at 14.00 pm, the occasion was also attended by Bogor Regent Mrs. Hj. Nurhayati S.H., M.M, M.Si. , Head of BAPPEDA Bogor Regency, Mrs. DR IR. Syarifah Sofiah, M.Si. and Head of Agricultural Service of Bogor Regency Ir. Siti Nurianty, MM.


Mr. Harlan Bengardi (Senior VP Agricon) with Mrs. Hj. Nurhayati S.H., M.M (Bogor District Regent)

The event started with remarks from Mr. Harlan Bengardi and tausyiah from Al-Ghazaly pesantren, with special performance by DEBU until it was time to break the fast. After Maghrib prayers, the event was proceeded with dinner along with exciting door prizes. The entire event ended at 7:30 pm with a special passionate message to achieving good in the upcoming future.