Tanah Sareal Koramil Won Hydroponics Competition in Kodam III Siliwangi 67th Anniversary Event


organic kale (kangkung organic)

To commemorate Kodam III Siliwangi 67th Anniversary, Kodim 0606 Bogor City (All Koramil Bogor Kota) cooperated with PT Asabi for organizing an NFT Hydroponics competition using kale vegetable (kangkung). The event was participated by all 6 (six) Bogor City Koramils: North Bogor, Central Bogor, East Bogor, West Bogor, South Bogor and Tanah Sareal Koramil. The competition was held from April 21 to May 18, 2017. The Initial assessment was conducted on 21 April when the plant was transferred from nursery to Hydroponics station. The harvest on May 18 2017 was picked for the final assessment.

The winners of the competition were:

  • 1st winner: Tanah Sareal Koramil.
  • 2nd winner: North Bogor Koramil.
  • 3rd winner: East Bogor Koramil.